When it comes to providing the best value for produce and exporting the highest quality of fruits and vegetables, Fresh Pro International has proved its niche in the markets across India and Europe.

For over 15 years, Fresh Pro International has been building relationships with vendors and clients alike, creating a global network of collaborations that have worked on making the export service seamless. The company has grown to be rightly entitled as a global brand, with an emphasis on research and development, to ensure that the quality of produce always exceeds customer expectations. The company's first explorations in the export business began with grapes. Over the years, Fresh Pro International has had a steady demand for supplying a wide range of produce including table grapes, pomegranates, potatoes, vegetables

With constant technological advancements in the exports and packaging industry, Fresh Pro International has invested in industrial plants that are constantly being upgraded to adapt to the growing needs of customers, at the best prices. The brand has also invested heavily in training professionals who are innovative and efficient in their approach, with a transparency in all the processes involved. Fresh Pro International prides itself on its quality and commitment to provide the best value for its customers across the world.

To ensure that the brand lives up to its commitment, Fresh Pro International ensures that its produce is always tested at government approved laboratories prior to harvest itself. Each batch of produce lives up to the specifications, policies and protocols based on the health and hygiene committees across the board, and matches the requirements of all food safety regulations.

the global MARKET

For over a decade, Fresh Pro International has worked at building, developing and maintaining a solid network of clients across the globe, making it a reliable brand that commits and delivers time after time.

Our strongest markets have developed in the UK, Europe, Scandinavia, Russia and parts of the far-east, where our brand of fruits and vegetables are in great demand.


The company is promoted by Mr. Aman Anand who has over 15 years of experience in this industry. He is supported and backed by a strong loyal team that has been associated with Grape Packing ever since India started exporting grapes abroad.

The team is made up of highly skilled personnel who are qualified and trained with management, sustainability, growth and development, as well as have all the Food Quality Certifications required to qualify as a professional within the Export industry.


Over the years, Fresh Pro International has evolved as a sound global brand. A large reason for this growth can be credited to the weight attached to some of the core values we have stood for since inception. Our commitment to providing quality produce, our commitment to always provide efficient delivery within expected deadlines, and our commitment to always have a transparent approach to work, both within the organization as well as with our clients, have helped us earn a lot of respect and long term relationships with clients across the board.

We work hard to ensure that we abide by all the regulations, quality checks, policies and protocols, and constantly adapt to newer requirements so that we can continue to deliver quality products to our clientele.